750 Words

Found a new website that I think is a wonderful idea. It’s called 750 Words, and the idea is to write 750 words on a daily basis. Not for the world to read, just for yourself.

First off, I need to write more. I’m one of those people who tends to wait for inspiration to strike rather than just write about random things. I need to be more random, and see if the randomness of my thoughts can lead to inspiration.

Also, the site is great for venting. I keep a journal, and I keep a log of all the funny things my kids do and say, but I hate being negative. 750 Words is giving me a place to vent, where I’m not worried about future generations seeing it. That’s not to say that I want my children to have an inaccurate picture of my life from my journal, but I also just need a place where I don’t need to worry about readability or spelling, and if I want to be just plain mean, I have that option, although I doubt that will happen. I tend to be a bit on the selfish side, but I am rarely, if ever, mean-spirited. I just can’t do it. I can’t even play the bad guy in videogames. It just feels wrong.

Anyhow, the last thing that is great about 750 Words is that I can type the words “anyhow, hmmm, and grrr” as many times as I want. It’s my vice. I use these too much and this site gives me a place where I can feel good about using these words over and over and over, without annoying anyone who may happen across my writing.


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

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