Picture Book Recommendation: WILD ABOUT BOOKS

“It started in the summer of 2002,
When the Springfield librarian, Molly McGrew,
By mistake drove her bookmobile into the zoo.”

I love this book! The rhyme and rhythm are great. Many unusual animals are mentioned. It celebrates the joy of reading and writing, shows great teamwork as the animals build and manage their own “zoobrary,” and proves that there truly is a book for everyone. If you haven’t yet read this book aloud to a child, do so immediately.

Excerpt from the Booklist review:

Not only are the animals reading books but they are also hugging them, licking the pictures off the pages, and trying their “hands” at writing. A wonderful advertisement for the joys of a literary life.

Naturally, you’d want to use a writing-themed activity to complement this book. I suggest putting kids in groups of two or three and having them make a paper bag animal puppet. Afterward, they can write a short play to perform. Emphasize the structure of story: beginning, middle, end; and problem, resolution.

Random House has created reproducible activities.
Scholastic has created a lesson plan called Books are Wild.

Themes: Animals, Reading, Libraries, Writing

Title: Wild about Books
Author: Judy Sierra
Illustrator: Marc Brown
Reading level: Ages 4 and up
Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (August 10, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 037582538X
ISBN-13: 978-0375825385

Perfect Picture Book List on Susanna Leonard Hill’s Website


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

13 thoughts on “Picture Book Recommendation: WILD ABOUT BOOKS”

    1. You’re welcome! It’s honestly one of my favorite books ever. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it with my kids (ages 3 & 5).

  1. Hi Nessa, I chanced upon your blog thru the Perfect Picture Book Friday meme hosted by Susanna. Any book that shares this passion/love for books is bound to be a favorite of mine. The title alone (and that gorgeous book cover) captured my fancy. I just pinned this in my Pinterest board so that I’d be reminded to borrow this from our library. Grat choice!

  2. This is a wonderful selection, Nessa! Thank you so much for bringing it to PPBF.
    Yet another book I must try to get. 🙂 I love the rhyme…the idea of the story…the animals just about eating up the books…so funny and so clever.
    Thanks also for the great resource and activity list.

  3. Judy Sierra has great books. I’ve seen this one before, but did not have the opportunity to read it. Want to SO badly, but it’s not in my library 😦 and they don’t have inter-library loan (okay, they do, but it costs like $4). She has several books about literacy. You could design a whole literacy unit with picture books using hers, Patricia Polacco and many others. What fun that would be!

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