Kids’ Poetry Project Kickoff

Hopefully, you read my blog post on CrowdFUNing Kids’ Poetry. If not, the cheat sheet version is “You pick a word. I write the poem.”

And, it’s time to vote on words starting with the letter “a.” After you’ve voted below, please leave suggestions in the comments of words starting with the letter “b.”

Please make sure to share these posts with friends, especially kids, so we can get some really fun and crazy word suggestions. The more words suggested, the more fun it will be.

If you need inspiration for your word suggestions, don’t forget to check out MMPoetry and it’s related Kickstarter project.

Please note: When planning this project, I rushed a bit, so I could release the first post on World Poetry Day. My first thought was to only release Poems A and Z, but I realized that’s not very much poetry, and my primary aim is to create more poetry to be enjoyed by children. So now, all of Friday’s Poems will be released.

This means 14 of the 26 poems will be posted for everyone to read, and if you want to read the rest, I’ll be releasing an ebook version for $0.99. I hope you’ll agree that’s not too much to spend for my efforts. More info should be released on Friday with the first poem.

Don’t forget to comment with word suggestions for the letter “b” and share with friends!


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

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