The Color of Revenge


The Color of Revenge
by Nessa Morris

Anne told a lie. Her lies compounded, but Mom believed the way they sounded.
It’s not my fault, but I got grounded.


My anger spreads, a rapid growth. I’ll find a way to teach them both.
Inside my room, I make an oath.


Within my room, I must conspire the best revenge on Anne The Liar.
Anne’s crayons tossed in Mother’s dryer?


Hope everyone enjoyed the poem. For some reason, this was the most difficult poem for me to write so far. I’m not sure why I had trouble thinking of something fun for crayons, but the challenge was definitely there.

Dumpling, 66.7%; Dragons 33.3%

Thanks to everyone who voted and suggested words. “Dumpling” is the winner for Monday’s poem. To me, dumpling was a surprise winner. I was sure it was going to be dragons.

Now it’s time for me to get my thinking cap on. I have no idea how to use dumpling in a poem, other than, “Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling.” Time to get to work.


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

One thought on “The Color of Revenge”

  1. Actually Nessa, this poem just rolls off your tongue when you read it. I would not have guessed you had trouble. You need a variety of emotions and this one certainly shows anger. I like it a lot!

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