Kids’ Poem: Clowning Around

Clown handing a balloon to a child

Clowning Around
by Nessa Morris

I like to clown around with friends.
  It helps when feeling blue.
    My friends help me with fashion trends,
      And do my makeup, too.
We drive in circles really fast,
  And sometimes screech our tires.
    We jump and run and have a blast
      if we’re out fighting fires.
Of course, there’s times when I get soaked.
  I hate that stupid hose.
    And then there’s times when I get poked,
      and babies honk my nose.
And countless hours, I must rehearse,
  so when you’re feeling down,
    I hope you know it could be worse...
      At least, you’re not a clown.

gorilla, 66.7%; gyroscope 16.7%; gum, 16.7%Writing a poem for “friends” was difficult at first. There are just so many situations where the word applies. Once I finally narrowed the topic down to clowns, the words just flowed.

Looks like the word for Friday is “gorilla.” Don’t forget to vote for “h” words and suggest “i” words below. If you’re reading by email, you’ll need to click the post title to go to the poll.

And, please don’t forget my special request… If my poem makes you smile, please share this blog post. Pretty, please. With sugar on top.

Thanks for reading!


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

4 thoughts on “Kids’ Poem: Clowning Around”

    1. Oh, but I *really* didn’t want to. I had to force myself. I’m not going to allow myself to write more than three limericks in a row. I need to make myself experiment with other forms.

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