Kids’ Poem: The Shadow’s Kiss

Mother reads to boy in bed

The Shadow's Kiss
by Nessa Morris

The shadow’s in my hallway.
The shadow moves at night.
The shadow’s in my doorway,
and it’s giving me a fright.

The shadow’s getting closer.
The shadow moves too near.
The shadow’s right beside me,
and I’m shivering with fear.

The shadow grabs my blanket.
The shadow flips the light.
The shadow sighs and hugs me,
and she kisses me goodnight.

This poem is dedicated to my mom, who tucked me in every night, even when I was a teenager. Yes, I admit that I liked being tucked in even then. I’m one of those people who never wanted to grow up. At 33 years old, I still don’t want to grow up. Sigh.

On the grown-up side of things, I had a busy week at work, but I am lucky and have next week off. Yay!

Although the week off means I’ll be even busier when I return. And, then, the week after that I’m going to a Braille Summit in Boston.

I’m excited about the Summit because refreshable braille displays are awesome, and if they could only be made affordable, it could mean a world of difference in literacy and access to information for people who can’t read standard print.

However, as exciting as the Summit will be, I’ll have even more work piled up when I get back. Cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly in the library during my absence and that the magical library fairy swoops down and does all my work for me while I’m away. Oh, well, I won’t think about that now.  Well, I’ll think about library fairies, but not the work I want them to do. Library fairies need vacations, too.

tummy, 40%; toothache, 40%; treasure, 20%For the next week, we have a tie: “tummy” and “toothache.” These two words are going to be a great combination. I’m already imagining the fun I’ll have with these.

As for the voting, Google changed the way you create forms, so I’m hoping all is well. Please comment or use my contact page if the voting doesn’t work correctly for you. Thanks and have a great weekend!


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

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