Kids’ Poem: Mister Tardypants

student chewing pencil

Mister Tardypants
by Nessa Morris

Beep-BEEP! Beep-BEEP! Oh, no! I’m late!
Not even dressed. Well, this is great.

Toss PJ's down the laundry chute.
First, underwear. Then, shirt that’s cute.

On go my socks: first left, then right.
Inside-out. Oh! That’s not right.

Off go my socks, then right back on.
My shoes are next, and then I’m gone.

I run to school, and take my chair.
I look around. My classmates stare.

My hair? Did I forget to comb?
Oh, no! I left my pants at home!

velocity 16.7%; volcano, 50%; viking, 33.3 %Couldn’t think of a good title. Hubby suggested “Late for School,” but I think that’s kind of boring. Decided to go with “Mister Tardypants,” even though it’s kinda silly. The poem’s silly, so I figure it works. I’m sure the perfect title will come to me a week or so from now.

Alright, looks like “volcano” is the word for “Monday.” Hope you enjoyed today’s poem. And please VOTE for the last few words! We’re getting near the end of my project, and I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have.


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

4 thoughts on “Kids’ Poem: Mister Tardypants”

  1. Cute poem about underwear. Boy the next one is limited. There are a lot of words that begin with X, but it’d be hard to use them. Chose something easy. We have a town nearby, Xenia, which was ravaged by a tornado in 1974.

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