Kids’ Poem: The Procrastinator

blond boy laying on stomach while reading a book

The Procrastinator
by Nessa Morris

On the weekend, I went to the zoo,
played a game with my soccer team, too.
  Then, I splashed in our pool,
  wasn’t thinking of school,
and my homework is now overdue.

Yes, “The Procrastinator” is really me. I was slacking this past week and didn’t finish my poem by Friday. During the week, I was busy at work, and I zoned out when I went home each day. On Saturday, I took my kids to play with relatives, and on Sunday we went to the zoo.

Wouldn’t you know this week’s theme at church was making excuses… Sigh. So, anyhow, no excuses, I had other things I wanted to do and neglected my readers. Mea culpa.

During the week, I was actually writing, but I began a much too ambitious long poem for zoo, and… it’s only about a third of the way done, and… I needed to post something today, so you got… the poem I wrote on my lunch break. Yep. Sorry.

Pie charts of the data listed in the text.We had one write-in answer on the subtitle, and I thought it deserved to have a fair chance, so I’m posting another poll, with the top two winners from each category. Here are the results for the first round:

What should the title be?
Kaleidoscope, 38%
Poems, from Aardvark to Zoo, 13%
The Aardvark on the Ark, 50%

What should the subtitle be?
an Alphabetical Adventure in Kids’ Poetry, 86%
an A-to-Z Poetry Adventure, 14%

Thanks for reading, everyone. Sorry, I’ve been such a slacker lately.


Author: Nessa

Librarian for people with visual and physical impairments, and mother of two sharp-witted alien children.

2 thoughts on “Kids’ Poem: The Procrastinator”

  1. You did it! You made it to Z. I enjoyed the Procrastinator and find it funny that it is the last topic in your alphabet poetry adventure.

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