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Reaching for RainbowsShow support for the blog and receive a copy of Reaching for Rainbows as my thank you. (Donations under $7 will receive a handwritten thank you card instead.)

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In order to receive a copy, you’ll need to make a donation of at least $7 for a U.S. address and $10 for international. After you enter payment information, click “Comments” on the review page to provide the shipping address.

If you’d like a personal note, please include the recipient’s name. I can also personalize the note for birthdays, good grades, or other special occasions.

(In case you’re wondering, it costs me roughly $4.51 per book, and $2.00 US shipping/$5 international shipping. That’s how I came up with the $7 minimum for a book.)

If you have special requests or want multiple copies, please Contact Me.

Don’t want my book? Please consider gifting a copy to your local library. I can mail directly to the library and put a label in the book to let the library know who donated it.

Thanks so much for your support!


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