Picture Book Review: COLORS OF ME

Colors of Me Book CoverColors of Me is a playful way to look at the colors of nature and a few everyday objects, with a small twist. Instead of pointing out colors, the child in the book wonders and muses philosophically in regard to colors:

“Does the rain think I’m a color when it falls on my head?”


“If the trunks of trees were blue and orange would they grow so tall?”

The illustrations are collages that will inspire children to get out the scissors and construction paper. While the book has a definite message celebrating diversity, the message is not didactic and focuses mainly on colors found in nature: butterflies, trees, etc.

End-rhymes are interspersed throughout the book, but aren’t overwhelming. Instead, they help make the book an easy read-aloud, and allow the reader to focus on the message rather than the rhythm and rhyme. Overall, Colors of Me would be an excellent choice to share with children learning about colors, nature or art.


Gale Cengage Learning, the parent company of Sleeping Bear Press, provides a teacher’s guide with several ready-to-use activities.
Activities for Kids has a printable color wheel craft.
Meri Cherry has a Collage Self Portrait project that will not only have kids expressing their creativity, but will have parents everywhere decorating their fridges and offices. I absolutely love this project!

Bibliographic Info:

Title: Colors of Me
Author: Brynne Barnes
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Hardcover: 28 pages
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