Sticky Pages

Worm wearing glasses on top of a book

Sticky Pages
by Nessa Morris

Ookey Booky was a worm,
a wise bookworm was he.
He sat upon an open book.
The child he did not see.
The child was looking for a book,
a book she had not read,
and when she shut the open book,
the wise bookworm was dead.
Ookey Booky!

Warning: make sure you look before closing a book. Otherwise, you may end up with sticky pages. Eww! I hope everyone enjoyed the poem.

The winning word for Friday’s poem is “crayons” with two-thirds of the vote. I have to admit that I was so relieved the chosen word wasn’t chrysanthemum. Absolutely no one was cruel enough to vote for it.crayons: 60%; cupcake: 40% Thank you!

Below are the suggestions that you can vote on for next Monday’s poem. I actually received two similar suggestions: “dragons” and “dragon.” Since the plural of the word was submitted first, I decided to include that version on the poll, and if there are similar words in the future, I’ll do the same thing.