Kids’ Poem: Homework

blond boy laying on stomach while reading a book

by Nessa Morris


I’ve had a busy week, and am completely exhausted, but I wanted to get the poem out since it’s already a day late. I’ll post “z” results either tomorrow or Monday. Until then, voting will still be open.

Pat asked in the comments of my xenolith poem for a reminder of what I hoped to accomplish with my poetry project. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a good answer. I didn’t hope to accomplish anything really.

I enjoyed the format of #MMPoetry at Think, Kid, Think. That contest was fun and challenging, and I got kicked out in an early round.

Rather than accept defeat and go back to just working on my picture book manuscripts, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could come up with my own personal poetry project using assigned words. It would be too easy if I assigned the words myself, so I decided to ask everyone to vote on words. That pretty much sums up the project.

While I’ll be turning the poems into an ebook, the ebook is mainly to get all the poems in one place. Since I tend to revise my website frequently, I’ll probably take the posts down at some point in the future.

I’m not expecting for the ebook version to make any money, although that would be nice. Since I’ve had people suggest all the words, I thought it would be fitting to have everyone suggest titles, too. I’ll probably think up a few titles of my own and include them in the vote, too.

That’s the best explanation my over-worked brain can come up with for the moment, so I hope it’s coherent.

And, now, after a few days at a productive-but-tiring Braille Summit, and a busy day playing with kids who missed me while I was out-of-town, followed by a baby shower, followed by three-mile jog, followed by finishing up two critiques for my critique group, followed by writing this blog post, I am finally going to lay down and see if I can catch up on the sleep I missed all week… Zzzz…