Kids’ Poem: Cat Scratch

Cat scratching a wall

Cat Scratch
by Nessa MorrisMister Cat had a back that was broad.
At an itch in the middle, he pawed.
  Mister Cat hit the spot,
  but became most distraught.
He'd forgot that his paws were declawed.

Yes, another limerick. It started out as free verse and then morphed. Ugh. I swear my brain just thinks in limericks . I’m beginning to wonder if people look at me strange because I speak in limericks without realizing it. Of course, they’re probably not listening to what I say, and are just looking at me strange because I’m in my mid-thirties and have pink hair. Eh… whatever…

jello, 40%; junkyard, 20%; juxtaposed, 20%; jump, 20%For this limerick, my original thought was, “Hmm, itch… witch… maybe a witch could have an itch and she can use ask her cat to scratch it. Ooh, and wouldn’t it be fun if the cat was declawed.” Well, the witch flew out the window, but the itchy, twitchy cat decided to make a curl up in my blog post. I’ll attempt to use the word “jello” in something other than a limerick on Monday. No promises, though.

Have a great weekend!