A Moment Lost: Camping with eBooks

East Cabin Village
East Cabin Village (Photo credit: polomex)

Earlier this week, I was camping with my children. (In a cabin. I’m not that crazy.) Naturally, being the overly-connected person that I am, I brought my computer.

When I was sneaking online, my three-year old daughter, Amelia, curled up on my lap, and said “Read me that book.” She pointed to the picture of the eBook I wrote called Reaching for Rainbows. I clicked on Reaching for Rainbows and read. It was easy to do and a nice moment.

Afterward, I went back to working on my blog. Amelia pointed to the book I reviewed last week, Colors of Me: “Now read me that book.” I couldn’t. We didn’t bring the book camping, and I didn’t have an eBook version downloaded.

On Amazon, I clicked “Tell the Publisher! I’d like to read this book on Kindle,” but it made me sad. My daughter wanted me to read a specific book to her, and I couldn’t. When I offered Amelia some of the physical picture books I brought, she wasn’t interested. She walked away. Moment lost.

After she walked away, I did a little more searching and found that Barnes & Noble has Colors of Me as a NOOK Book, but by that time, it was too late. The moment was already lost.

I know that the world of eBooks, print books, and publishing are still adapting. But the time it takes to adapt is time lost in the lives of our children. Why can’t publishers and retailers figure out an easy way to make eBooks universally available across all platforms? I applaud Cengage Learning for making Colors of Me available as an eBook. I just wish I would have found it faster.