Miranda’s Mix-it-Up Writing Contest Entry

  • What would an Epic Limerick sound like?
  • Have you ever tried to write an Acrostic Sonnet?
  • How about a story in prose…with characters who speak only in haiku?
  • A Textspeak Tale?
  • A Picture Book Play?
  • A News Article Fable?

–From Miranda Paul’s Blog

In Miranda’s Mix-it-Up Writing Contest the object is to mix two types of writing styles. I hope you all enjoy my haiku instruction manual.

Punch-Out!! Instructions
For the Beginning Player
On Nintendo Wii

First, turn on the Wii.
Press Wii-mote power button.
Attach the nunchuk.

Next, aim the Wii-mote.
Hover on Punch-Out! icon.
Push the "A" button.

Hold up your Wii-mote.
Pretend to hit your brother,
while punching Glass Joe.

Continue to fight.
Soon you will face King Hippo.
Punch his big belly.

You will fight many.
Punch high. Punch low. You will win.
Donkey Kong is last.If you can beat him,
you've played too long. Turn it off.
Go read a good book.