Kids’ Poem: Mother Nature’s Mistake


Mother Nature’s Mistake
by Nessa Morris

When perfecting the creatures she’d make,
Nature hiccuped, and made a mistake.
  But before she reshaped,
  the creation escaped.
Pesky platypus plunged in a lake.

My poor husband must have heard the word “platypus” a hundred times this weekend, as I whined about how I just couldn’t think of anything fun to write for my poem.

In an attempt to find inspiration, I looked up platypuses on Wikipedia and found out that males are venomous. Interesting… that may be another poem for a future date… The Poisonous Platypus… Hmm…

queen, 25%, qucker, 50%; quietly, 12.5%; question, 12.5%Friday’s word is “quacker.” That should be a fun poem to write. Hope you all have a great week… and don’t forget to vote…  🙂