Picture Book Recommendation: POOPENDOUS!

Cover of Poopendous!Oh, poo! I’m behind schedule on my book recommendations yet again. But, please don’t fling any dung at me, I finally do have a review for you on a book about poo. And unlike my crappy rhyme, Poopendous! The Inside Scoop on Every Type and Use of Poop! actually teaches kids some fun tidbits while being highly entertaining.

I’m Professor Pip Poopdeck. Welcome aboard!
We’re exploring a substance that most have ignored.
An icky-poo subject folks don’t care to visit.
Quite putrid and shocking and horrid… or is it?

In case you were wondering, the answer is a great big NO. Professor Poopdeck takes two children on a safari-style adventure where they learn all about the terms, types, and uses for dung. While poo as a subject can seem disgusting, the book will subtly help children learn about the benefits of poo while they’re giggling themselves silly. For instance, dung can be used for fuel, manure, or marking an animal’s territory. Out of all the different things in this book that you’ll learn about poo, my favorite by far is what the monkeys do.

Poop from critters is called dung,
And monkey dung is sometimes flung.
Monkeys fling when under stress.
It helps the monkey decompress.
So if a monkey aims at you,
Duck behind a friend, or two!

Ewww! Poor Professor Poopdeck, he really needs to get that whole ducking thing down. As you can guess, the illustrations are humorous and provide a lighthearted view of the subject. And if you really want to get down and dirty into the history and uses of dung, pair this book with Jurassic poop : what dinosaurs (and others) left behind and The scoop on poop : lifting the lid on the science of poo and pee.

Yes, I am obviously an expert on the subject. See craft activities below.


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First up, cat poo. Dogs aren’t the only ones who eat it. You can easily gross out everyone you know with this delicious dish from Life Crafts & Whatever.

Allergic to cat poo? Try eating monkey poo instead. (The Bold Blend)

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Teachers, entertain your class using this lesson guide, which includes a video clip from the Dinosaur Poop! episode of Dinosaur Train. (PBS Teachers)

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Author: Artie Bennett
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Hardcover: 36 pages
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