Kids’ Poem: Kite Flight

Kite Flight
by Nessa Morris

In sight, watch flight. Soar high, in sky. Hear sound. Twist round. String tangle. Neck strangle. Break free. Rush, flee. Slip, trip, lose grip. Let go. Oh, no! Fly high, in sky. Watch flight, out sight. Bye, bye, kite.

Decided to try a bit of concrete poetry, instead of my usual rhyme. It still rhymes, because I have an overwhelming need to rhyme all poetry, but the language is a bit different.

When I wrote it, I was imagining a two year old flying his first kite, and it ended up sounding like a two year old. At least, I think it sounds like a two-year old.

Let me know what you think. Should I play around more with different poetry forms? Go back to limericks? I have no idea what I’m going to do for Monday’s poem. I mean…

All words 20%: leapfrogn, leprechaun, lackadaisical, labrador, lumpy


Looks like you can look forward to poetry hijinks starring a lackadaisical leprechaun and a lumpy labrador playing leapfrog. Sheesh!

As you’re reading this, I’m headed to the SCBWI Wild, Wild Midwest Conference. I’m excited to be participating in a picture book intensive with Rhonda Gowler Greene. Can’t wait to see what inspiring ideas come to me this weekend.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to vote for an “M” word! If you’re reading by email, click the post title to vote.