Kids’s Poem: The Cure

bear hiccuping while holding a soda bottle

The Cure
by Nessa Morris

Shouldnt’ve guzzled my Mountainy Dew,
Not surprisingly, hiccups ensue.
  And they don’t go away
  For a year and a day,
When they’re — HICCUP! — replaced  by “ACHOO!”

Ugh. I am behind. I didn’t even think of writing a poem over the weekend. Ok, well, I thought about it. I just never took pencil to paper or pulled out my computer.

I pulled this blog post together on my morning break. Now it’s my lunch break, and I’ve not only managed to write my poem, but I had a few minutes left, so I could paste it into the blog post. Yay!

ice cream, 25%; itch, 50%; if, 25%

“Itch” was the winner for Friday’s poem.

Don’t forget to vote and suggest words! I only had two words suggested for today’s poll,  since “jello” was suggested by more than one person.

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