The Regal Eagle?

Soaring Bird
The Regal Eagle?
by Nessa Morris

In my backyard, I spotted an eagle:
So majestic, so noble, so regal.
I was feeding him trout,
when I heard my mom shout,
“Get away from that bothersome seagull!”

Limericks have taken over my poetic life. I can usually compose a passable one in under three hours, and it’s been difficult to make writing-time lately. I know I should try an acrostic or non-rhyming type of poem, but those just aren’t as much fun.

friends, 50%; flux, 25%; fandango, 25%Next week on Monday, you can look forward to a poem using the word “friends.” Don’t forget to vote for “g” words and suggest “h” words below. If you’re reading by email, you’ll need to click the post title to go to the poll.

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