Kids’ Poem: Day Dreaming

Monkey wearing a karate uniform

Day Dreaming
by Nessa Morris

One summer’s day, I go to play, 
  and spot a little sparkly bird,
I watch her enter Land of Fae, 
  and try to follow her unheard.

But now I find, to my dismay, 
  my way’s deterred. My footsteps heard,
a warden monkey bars the way
  until I say the magic word. 

That’s when I hear the fairy say,
  “We have to go.” Her speech is slurred.
“We have to go.” I want to stay.
  “Wake up, my dear.” From sleep, I stirred.

My brain is still fried from the back-to-back conferences I’ve attended (Midwest SCBWI & Librarians Serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped). I wanted to write a funny poem, but it appears I’ve used up all my funny, and am headed toward a fantastical dreamland. Must be because I have a headache and I’m really tired.

NO!, 66.7 %; nasty, 16.7%, nickel, 16.7%So that’s all I’ve got to say for today. My word for Monday is “NO!” Hopefully, that will make for an easy poem for my overworked brain.

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