Kids’ Poem: Home Game

Xenolith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Home Game
by Nessa Morris

My incredible swing hit the ball
when my Mom passed us by in the hall.
   My Mom stopped and she stared.
   She was most unprepared
for the xenolith stuck in her wall.

Good news! I finally got around to figuring out what the heck I was gonna do with “xenolith.” I hope you like it. Since I’m sure most of you are like me and have never heard of a xenolith before, I included a picture in lieu of my usual clip art. Looks kind of like a flattened baseball stuck in a wall, doesn’t it?

yawn, 40%; yodeling, 20%; yoda, 20%; yak, 20%Well, we’re really and truly at the end of my project. No more suggestions for words, although I would like suggestions for a title for my poetry ebook. I plan on compiling all the poems into an ebook-friendly format and self-publishing either directly to Kindle or more likely via Smashwords. It will just be a little mini-ebook version with all the poems in one place without all the added blog commentary.

“Yawn” is the word for Friday, possibly Saturday. I’m at the Braille Summit this week, and it’s a pretty full schedule, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for writing, or even thinking about writing. I’m pretty sure my brain is going to be fried at the end of each day, and I have visions of me passing out in my hotel room, so “yawn” is definitely an appropriate word this week.

Don’t forget to vote for “z” and give me suggestions for an ebook title. Thanks so much to everyone for participating in this project with me. It’s fun, and I appreciate the fact that you all come to the blog and casts your votes twice a week. Thanks a bunch!