Kids’ Poem: Bitter Rivals

boy kicking a soccer ball

Bitter Rivals
by Nessa Morris

Soccer’s such a stupid sport.
  My father makes me play.
I’d rather play computer games,
  but practice takes all day.

Soccer’s such a stupid sport.
  I’ll make my father pay.
When my team has got the ball,
  I steal, I break away.

“Stop it! Don’t be stupid, sport!”
  My father starts to scream.
I hear the whistle shriek. I smile.
  I helped the rival team.

Alright, I read my poem to my husband and he said he didn’t like me using “stupid.” I asked what I should use instead and he said “silly.” Now that’s just silly.

Okay, I get it that “stupid” is a bad word, and I yell at my kids for using it. However, I have also told my six-year old, “Don’t act stupid,” or “Don’t be stupid,” on occasion. Probably more occasions than I should admit to as a parent. Besides, even though they may get in trouble, kids use the word, and I’m sure they think it even more. I don’t feel it’s out of place in a poem from a six-year old point-of-view.

As a side note, my kids picked up the word from my mom and her constant muttering of, “Ugh, stupid dog,” at her naughty canine companion. Thanks, Mom.

But I am rambling on… My bad parenting skills aside, I felt this poem fairly accurately represented my son, who excels at everything except gym class, and has tantrums when we force him to go to soccer practice. And…

While “Bitter Rivals” represents my son, I would like to dedicate it to my husband, who once walked off a soccer field in the middle of a game, because he was sick of the fact that his dad was a soccer nut. Now what you’ve all been waiting for…

xylophone, 25%, xenolith, 50%; xerox, 25%Woot! Woot! “Xenolith” won for my next word. What a challenge!

I wonder if anyone has ever written a poem with the word “xenolith.” My guess is no. There’s a first time for everything.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!

P.S. I think it would be fun if everyone tried to write a poem with the word “xenolith.” What can you come up with?